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Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience

1-day Guided Photo Trips

The 1-day Guided Trip option will give you a full day of Pennsylvania Elk Photography. We will meet bright and early to give you the opportunity to photograph the majestic elk in the prime early morning hours. We will shoot all morning, traveling to both popular elk viewing sites as well as some remote, out-of-the way sites. You have a couple options for lunch--you can bring a bag lunch so we can eat on the move or even while we are photographing, or we can stop at a local restaurant. Then we will photograph until dark, again getting the chance to photograph the elk at one of their most active times.


Here is a typical Schedule for the 1-day Trips:

6:00 am Arrival, Introductions, Coffee
6:15 am Morning Elk Photo Shoot
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Optional Workshop ($25 extra)
2:30 pm Afternoon Elk Photo Shoot
8:30 pm Closing/Departures

Email for more information on 1-Day Photo Trips

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