Bob Shank Photography

Pennsylvania Elk Photography Experience
Photography Seminars      
How to Photograph the Pennsylvania Elk

Basic setup and procedures for photographing the PA Elk with your camera. We will cover white balance, ISO, focus, exposure, composition, lens selection and other helpful techniques.

Adobe Lightroom

Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom®. This powerful tool provides an excellent method for cataloging and managing your images in the Lightroom Library. Also discover how to quickly and easily enhance your raw format images in the Lightroom Develop mode by adjusting white balance, exposure, curves and more.

  Wildlife Photography Ethics, the PA Elk Herd, & Your Five Best Shots

Strategies for moving toward a herd of elk and the big bulls will be discussed as well as some basic wildlife photography ethics. We will then provide a short history of the PA Elk Herd. Then you will have an opportunity to share your best five shots of the 3-day experience so we can all learn from one another!