Bob Shank Photography

Pleasant Valley Softball
Navy Baseball Camp 2010

Navy Baseball Camp 2010 hosted 216 players for the week. They had the opportunity to live in Bancroft Hall on the Naval Academy, learn baseball skills from highly motivated and experienced coaches, and play competetive games each day. The photographs in this gallery show some of the action on the field. Players, coaches, and parents can email me to get the required information to view these photographs exclusively.


Action Shots

These photographs typically include obvious actions that bring the photo alive. The baseball is often frozen in place or dust is flying. These action shots allow a player to relive an exciting moment on the baseball field.
  A 9-photo collage of you and your teammates in action on the field. Pick the photos you want and remember your teammates in a special way.

3-Photo Sports Collages

These collages feature 3 different action photos overlaid together on one page. The players name and number are also included to make this collage of photos a real keepsake.


Action Portraits

Action portraits are a step above the still photos of player portraits. These photos are shot during a real game as the players are in action. They provide a great alternative to static non-game photos.


Player Portraits

Many players and parents still prefer these player portraits, which are taken in somewhat more controlled settings than games allow. Just be sure to encourage your player to smile or least offer a grin for these portraits!